Library Programs
Birthday Books
Birthdays are always special to a child. We would like to suggest a monetary donation to the school's library program as another way of celebrating this special occasion. A book plate will be placed in the front of a new library book with your child's name. This book will be chosen from our newly ordered books by your child. A picture of your child with the book will be taken and placed on our birthday book bulletin board. Your child will also be the first student to borrow this book.

If you are interested in participating in the Birthday Book program, click on the link below to print the form.  Return the form below to the library.

Book Exchange
Exchange your used books!
Our next Book Exchange will be held in May 2017!
  • Turn in books that you have already read and can give to others.
  • Turn in books that are in good condition (hardcover or paperback).
  • Turn in books that are appropriate for grades K-5.
Students will be allowed to take 1-10 donated books, depending on the number of books they turn in.

Book Exchange Form PDF 

Summer Reading Program: Summer 2016
All students returning to Kapalama School in August.

Complete the reading log. Make sure you understand the reading requirements and have your parents ( or an adult family member) sign your log.

Reading is important to everyone! Kapalama School wants to encourage all students to continue to read even if school is not in session.

Yes! Each student who successfully completes the reading log will receive a $2.00 coupon that can be used to buy books at the Book Fair.