Technology at Kapalama

Kapalama Elementary is fully networked for voice, video, and data including internet access from all classrooms and offices.  All teachers have laptops to plan lessons, take attendance, produce report cards, and communicate via email. The library is networked for circulation, on-line catalog, and electronic references. Our library is also equipped with 30 MacBooks for students to use.  In addition, there are two computer labs of iMac desktop computers open for classrooms to use. Student computers are available in all classrooms.

Grades 1 through 5 are now one-to-one with Google Chromebook laptops, which means that there is a device available for each student. Kindergarten classrooms are equipped with iPads and iMac desktops for use inside the classroom. Students go to a computer lab at least once every week for curriculum integrated lessons using web-based applications and applications from Google Apps for Education. In addition, students have access to numerous online learning programs.  See below to learn more about the online programs and resources we have available.

Online Programs

Google Apps for Education

Our online programs and resources provide students with more learning opportunities at home and in the classroom. Each student has their own account and has been assigned a username and password. Click on the program icons to visit the site.

Our school has the ability to create secure and supervised Google accounts for all students. Students and teachers can access the wealth of collaborative tools available through Google Apps (Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, etc).


Code.Org. is a global effort to teach students computer science at all ages.  Students do not need to log in and can access the Code.Org website to try a multitude of games that teach them the basics of computer programming.


IXL is an online program with thousands of skills for practicing math! IXL has an unlimited number of practice questions, step-by-step explanations, engaging awards and certificates, easy-to-read progress reports, and much more. This is an excellent tool to support the math concepts learned in the classroom.


KidBiz3000 is an online program that provides differentiated literacy education. Each lesson moves at the pace of the students own reading levels providing them with many steps towards success. is an online program for grades 1 through 5 to develop essential keyboarding skills. Students can access at home without installing any software. Please encourage your child to practice at home at least twice a week for a minimum of 15 minutes at a time.

Reading Wonders

Reading Wonders is our English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum. The Reading Wonders program utilizes a range of diverse print and digital media to teach the rigor, intent and depth of the standards. Students can log into their accounts to access a wide range of materials to bolster lessons learned in the classroom.