Family / Student / School Compact

We, the school community of Kapalama, are committed to nurturing all children to have a positive self-concept and a caring, respectful attitude towards themselves and others; to know about the world around them; to be confident to think critically, initiate ideas and express their thought; to balance academic achievement with sound common groups; to practice social skills that contribute to the feeling of ohana; to welcome challenges and to take risks; to exhibit an avid curiosity that leads to life-long learning; and to put forth the hard work required to achieve their personal potential and become responsible citizens of our community.

Parents / Guardian's Agreement

I will support my child's education by:

  • Reading to (and/or being read to by) my child on a daily basis and helping with homework.
  • Making sure my child comes to school on time daily.
  • Trying to be actively involved in school by attending meetings and confrences.
  • Monitoring the quality of my child's TV viewing and limiting TV viewing time.
  • Monitoring my child's use of technology (e.g. computer, phone, iPad, iPod, etc.).
  • Providing a safe place to study that is quiet and free from distractions.
  • Being a positive role model.

Student's Agreement

It is important for me to do my very best in school. I promise to:

  • Do all my school work and homework on a timely basis.
  • Come to school on time everyday.
  • Obey all school rules and be a good citizen.
  • Ask for help when I have a problem.
  • Practice good social skills.
  • Aim to meet or exceed my grade level standards.

Teacher's Agreement

I will strive to:

  • Provide meaningful standards-based instruction and learning activities.
  • Support student's self esteem and nurture students to take pride in what they do.
  • Encourage and advise parents on how to be involved with their child.
  • Provide student progress and informations.
  • Nurture students to become responsible citizens.
  • Maintain a positive, stimulating learning environment.

Administrator's Agreement

I will provide an environment that supports:

  • Positive communication among students, staff, and parents.
  • A climate free of drugs and violence that nurtures the growth of children.
  • Current trends in literacy, mathematics, and the integration technologies.
  • A welcoming atmosphere for students and parents.
  • Teachers to be fair and consistent with all students.