Parking and Traffic Safety

Pedestrian Safety

Plan a safe trip to and from school.  We encourage all students to use the walkways and crosswalks at all times.  Please avoid jaywalking as it is a hazardous practice and it is against the law.  The penalty for pedestrians violating these laws is $70.00

Parking Lot

The drive-thru fronting the administration building must be kept clear for drop-off, pick-up, and emergencies.  We recommend that students arrive at school between 7:15am and 7:55am.  It is also recommended that drivers arrive at least 3 to 5minutes after the dismissal bell to allow time for students to reach the Administration building for pick-up.  If your child is not waiting in front of the office upon your arrival, drivers will need to exit the parking lot and re-enter the parking lot.  

We want to remind all drivers that the exit from the front parking lot is a right turn only during peak traffic hours.  Please be considerate of other families who are waiting to exit the parking lot.

Bernice Street

The Bernice Street curbing is for drop-off and pick-up only.  Please drop-off and pick-up your child at the school curb (the side of the curb nearest Kapalama School).  Cars may not park in the drop off area that is marked by bright orange traffic cones.  The only exception is if a licensed driver waits in the driver's seat while another care passenger walks a young child to their classroom.  

Students should exit and enter cars from the curb.  To do this, please use Kapalama Avenue and turn right onto Bernice Street or use Houghtailing Street and turn onto Bernice Street.

Please avoid making a u-turn or turning into the cafeteria driveway or neighboring home driveways to turn around.  There have been many near misses as cars are driving down Bernice Street and not aware that cars are reversing out of the various driveways.  It makes for very hazardous conditions on the already busy Bernice Street.

Parking is prohibited in designated areas (see city signs).  The police will ticket any driver who parks in prohibited areas or is facing the wrong direction.  Parents are also asked not to climb the Bernice Street gate and fence to enter the campus.

Please talk with your children about making safe decisions concerning their personal safety.  They should use designated walkways, crosswalks, and sidewalks when entering or leaving school.  Your support in following all traffic rules and respecting our Junior Patrol Officers (JPO), Kapalama staff, and community members is greatly appreciated.

Guest Parking

The grass lot is the designated parking area for guests and family members.  In addition, there is a small parking area fronting the Carter Hall field that is also designated for guest parking.  Please DO NOT park in the reserved staff stalls.

Cafeteria Parking Lot

Please DO NOT use the cafeteria parking lot to drop-off or pick-up students.  Delivery trucks frequently deliver food items to the cafeteria and will not deliver the items if cars block the parking lot driveway or parking lot.

We also teach or students not to use the cafeteria parking lot as a walkway as the truck drivers can't always see our students when the trucks reverse into the parking lot.

Carter Hall Field Parking

The Carter Hall Field is used for overflow parking during special events.  Please drive carefully on our students' play field.

Junior Patrol Officers (JPOs)

Twenty-six Grade 5 students, wearing orange vests, volunteer as Kapalama's Junior Patrol Officers (JPOs).  They report in the morning and afternoons to help students and their families keep safe within our school campus.  Please help our JPOs on duty by obeying the traffic rules and being respectful to them.